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The Hood Ninja Returns: Cash Flo Enraged.

Cash Flo wrestlerThe Secret Is Out

Everyone knows who Cash Flo brought in as a partner tonight – The Hood Ninja, Hyzaya. Old friends & tag partners…who better to enjoy the spoils than my former Legacy of Brutality brethren?

But Things Didn’t Go As Planned.

Those championships have eluded me yet AGAIN.

Those little twerps, King’s Ransom were all but defeated until lo & behold, who rears his ugly head? None other than Sam Thompson!

And Nobody can seem to explain what he was doing in the building when his career is OVER!

I was content with letting him bow out gracefully, but now he’s cost me something.


Now, Sam Thompson OWES ME


Sam Thompson, your debt to me WILL be collected one way or another, so don’t doubt for a second that I’m coming for you. In my world, every day is payday, & I will get what is mine.

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