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A Rough Night for Cash Flo & Billy The P

Cash flo vs diamond steeleDiamond Steele showed his true colors last night: YELLOW.

Is anybody really surprised he was too scared to bring his sorry carcass back to Big B Pro Wrestling in Owensboro, KY? I’m not, & instead of giving me my Big B Heavyweight Championship, “The Natural” Chase Stevens decided to stick his nose in Player’s Club business.

So, Chase Stevens got exactly what that wretched Easter Bunny got; a BIG helping of Cash Flo & Billy The P.

What kind of a sorry excuse for a human being puts hands on a handicapped person, like Billy the P, who never does anything wrong? Chase Stevens does.

At some point, Chase, you’re gonna have to pay the piper.

For now, I’M COMING for that Big B Heavyweight Championship & when I get my hands on you, Diamond Steele, I’m gonna expose you for the paper champion you are.

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