Pro Wrestler Ca$h Flo

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3-time OVW Heavyweight Champion

Former OVW National Heavyweight Champion

6-time OVW Tag-Team Champion

At 6 foot 4 inches, 320 pounds, the indomitable CASH FLO, known for his locomotive power & crippling strength, is ready to demolish

any opponent who dares to step into the ring.

"If it don't make don't make sense." - CA$H FLO




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at OVW Academy with Al Snow, Louisville, KY

A veteran with high-flying, heart-stopping, hard-hitting wrestling experience, CA$H FLO lays down the lessons only for worthy up & comers who are willing to put forth the blood, sweat & tears to prove they've got what it takes to earn a spot in the ring - & in the wrestling business.

"Bring your A-game & get ready to LEVEL UP." - Ca$h Flo

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